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Slides Make Awesome GIF’s!

Slides Make Awesome GIF’s!

Have you ever dreamed of having your students create stop motion videos to demonstrate their learning? What if you could also turn those stop motion videos into a GIF?? Thanks to the skills of Jordan Rhea (@RheaJT) and Dee Lanier (@DeeLanier), that dream can come true with!

GIF Example.gif

Step 1: Stop Motion Using Google Slides

Create a Google Slide Presentation where the objects move slowly from slide to slide. The slide presentation could end up containing well-over 100 slides, but the more slides used the smoother the motion looks! For more ideas on how to create stop motion using Google Slides, check out the blog “Stop Motion Animation with Google Slides” by Eric Curts (@ericcurts).

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.11.10 PM

Step 2: Turn Slides Into Images

After completing the stop motion images on a Google Slide, go to What this link will do is take you to an apps script called “Slides 2 Drive,” which turns each individual slide on a slide presentation into it’s own PNG file.Slides2Drive

Once on the site, click “select a file” it will take you to your google slides (after you approve all the permissions of course). Select the desired slide presentation for the app script to begin working and turning them into images. It will create a Folder in your drive that will store all the newly created images. These images will be labeled by the number to which they are found in the original google slide presentation.



Step 3: Turn Images Into a GIF!!

With the completion of the “slides 2 drive script”, go to On the GifMaker site, click “Upload Images” to find the images created from the google slide.

There are a slew of design options on GifMaker that will be used to create the GIF, including canvas size, animation speed, and loop number.  Next, click “Create GIF Animation” and wait for the site to work its magic! When it is completed, you have a GIF!

Create GIF

Step 4: GIF’s Final Stage

Download GIFAfter the GIF has been created, it will display a preview in the upper right hand corner. Adjustments to the GIF, such as size, speed, and loop, can still be made at this point. When satisfied with the GIF, select “Download the GIF” to use it for desired purpose. These GIF’s can be placed on Class Websites, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.), Learning Management System Programs (Blackboard, SeeSaw, Canvas, etc.), to name a few!



Through these simple steps, students can become creators to demonstrate mastery of their learning through Stop-Motion-GIFS. Here is to putting more creativity and learning into our students’ hands!


Austin Houp is the husband to Amanda, and father to Eli and Ezra.  He currently is the Director of Curriculum and Technology at the Ash Grove School District. He is also a Google Certified Innovator (#COL16) and Google Certified Trainer. Connect with him via Twitter: @Coachhoup24 and Google+: +AustinHoup!

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