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All Questions Required – Google Forms Update

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.55.23 PMGoogle Forms Update

Google Forms has been an incredible resource for me as a teacher to collect data on student learning and growth through pre-tests, formative assessments, choose-your-own-adventures, exit slips, among others. Despite my love for this tool, one of the more frustrating aspects of Google Forms has been the continual need to click specific options I used on every question. With today’s update to Google Forms, there is one less option I have to click… “All Questions Required!”

How To Access The OptionsPreferences - Google Forms (1)

To access this new option, go to the “3 dots” in the upper right hand side of the Google Form. Then click on “Preferences,” which will present you with three different options: “Collect Email Addresses”, “Make Questions Required”, & “Default Quiz Point Value.” By check-marking those options, the subsequent forms and questions will automatically apply those desired settings.

Default Settings - Google FormsMake Questions Required

When using the “Make Questions Required” option, it will not affect any questions that were created prior to that option being check-marked. Instead, it will make any newly created questions as “Required,” hopefully saving you from one more button to click. If you create a question that is not required, such as “Any questions?”, then simply click on the required option on the specific question and it will not longer be required.


What Updates Could Still Be Helpful?

Have a design options on specific questions, in order to avoid having to make the same adjustment every time. For example, when doing multiple choice questions, one still has to click shuffle option order. Another example is when using the multiple choice grid (Matching), one must click shuffle row order and-limit to one response per column. In the blog (Link: Google Forms – Responses, Flubaroo, and Classroom Part 2), it demonstrates why it is prudent for teachers to put the correct answer in the same option spot (AKA Data Collection), therefore necessitating the shuffle option orders.

So while Google Forms still are not perfect, updates like these demonstrate that those features could be coming soon.

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Austin Houp is the husband to Amanda, and father to Eli and Ezra.  He currently is the Director of Curriculum and Technology at the Ash Grove School District. He is also a Google Certified Innovator (#COL16) and Google Certified Trainer. Connect with him via Twitter: @Coachhoup24 and Google+: +AustinHoup!

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